Jeffreys Bay hosts the Billabong Pro, , where local and international surfers converge in the ultimate challenge, which is the halfway point of the ASP World Tour, to rank the world’s number one male surfing champion. For ten days in July the town is transformed into an international surfing mecca as the worlds best surfers, the media, and thousands of spectators flock to Jeffreys to enjoy the nightlife and live music, and of course- the spectacular level of surfing.

Simply put, J-Bay is a surfers paradise, and not just when the Professionals are here- year round the breaks in and around J-bay keep on peeling away. There is a wave for anyone on any level of expertise or inexperience, and if you’re lucky, you might even get to surf with the real locals-the Dolphins.

The Points

Supertubes begins with a section called boneyards(take note,it’s called this for a reason!) and moves at high speed down the rocks through Supertubes, renowned for it’s hollowness and length. Though Supers can be playful at times and in different tides, you’d best be on your guard unless you put in the time to get to know the wave(and the locals).

Between the end section of Supers and the beginning section of Surfers Point there are several tricky and shallow sections favoured by the locals, but all lead to Surfers Point-a long and very forgiving wave, slower than Supertubes, but just as much fun. Here you can bring out your alaia, fish, eggs and longboards to experiment and enjoy.

There are channels and key holes at all the spots to make paddling out and leaving the water relatively easy. As for board choice, it’s an idea to bring something slightly longer than you usually ride to accommodate for the increased size and power of the waves in Jeffrey’s.

Remember that the locals respect good surfing, but not bad attitudes, so be on the safe side by having respect for your fellow surfers. Also in Winter it can get cold out there in the wind, so a good 4/3 wetsuit is probably the best bet, and of course, some cold water wax.